March 30th, 2016 at 2:10am

When it comes to basic pieces in our wardrobes, we find ourselves loading up with the usual suspects: V-necks and crew necks in all basic colors, camis, boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans. While it is nice to have those pieces as fall backs on panicked mornings of not having anything to wear, it would be nice to have basic pieces that are not so…well, basic.

Introducing: the laced top. This piece has been popping up in all of our favorite fast fashion locations and is even creeping its way into local boutiques as a great pair with jeans or shorts. The lace-up style has also manifested itself in different forms from tops to bodysuits and even rompers. What makes the laces so great is that it takes your basic piece and adds an interesting level of detail to bring the outfit to another level.

What is a good way to use this look for everyday use? Take a look at this Fashionista and her casual school outfit. She picked a striped, long sleeve lace-up top to tuck into a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans keeping her cozy for the chilly weather and lecture halls. She then threw on her favorite pairs of sneakers for walking all over campus and adding a sporty touch to the outfit. Lastly, she uses a rolled up Bohemian bandana to keep her blond tresses out of her face while studying.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear whatever you think is comfortable and makes you confident! Don’t dress for what other people will like. Dress in what you think looks good.”