What’s not to love about evolving fashion? I love how trends start from a bold Fashionista or Fashionisto who walks out in the world and represents their style and personality. Then, a person admires that person’s style and recreates it and you can watch the world follow the fashion phenomenon. We know that style is something that each individual can make their own by personalizing their look. When people mix current trends with old trends, in the process, brand new trends are born.

The sporty-chic trend is one of my favorites right now. You can take a lace top, like this Fashionista wore, and add that black and white stripe to give that perfect sporty vibe. Whenever we think of lace, we think of going to a formal dance or a fancy dinner, but with this growing trend it can mean many different things! I love how the lace becomes more casual with the collar. By adding denim jeans and Converse, this Fashionista created a sporty-chic outfit.

I like how this Fashionista still added some jewelry, but to the point where it doesn’t become dressy. The Converse and the dark skinny jeans lets that not happen. The Fashionista is wearing her Michael Kors watch she wears everyday, a bangle and a necklace. Any accessory can do the trick with this trend and lastly she wore a casual brown cross body bag for her everyday errands.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try sporting athletic wear with your look. Nothing beats comfort like a touch of your own personal style!”