When it’s cold outside, one of the best things to do is warm up with your favorite sweater. This is a no-brainer because sweaters are soft, cozy and simple to wear. This casual piece of clothing is so versatile. It can be worn at home to cuddle up with or for a day out on the town. The key to transitioning this basic piece is easy: accessories!

Accessories are vital parts of any outfit. They can dress up or dress down just about anything. They also help you to show off your own unique brand of fashion and really make an outfit yours. This Fashionista I found knew just how to do this perfectly. She added an edge to her beige chunky knit sweater with a bold metallic gold statement necklace. A matching nude belt with silver rings cinched her leather skirt and emphasized her waist. Her dainty pearl earrings helped to balance out the hardness of her metallic accessories. For practicality and toughness, she finished off this look with black leather boots.

Trending right now is the pairing of different textures to create interest in any ensemble. The beautiful knit texture of the nude sweater and the smooth texture of this Fashionista’s black leather skirt played off each other very nicely. Muted colors, such as nudes, tone down your clothing. If you want to wake up your outfit and keep it on trend, leather is the way to go. Leather can give you a tougher look instantly. Thanks to the metallic accents and leather pieces, this outfit was the perfect balance of soft and hard textures.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Accessorize! Accessorizing can take your outfit from nay to yay in a heartbeat!”