STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Knee-Highs Are Not Just For Schoolgirls

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Knee-Highs Are Not Just For Schoolgirls

With the weather in Northern Virginia being so unpredictable—warm and sunny one day, polar vortex the next—planning what to wear is nearly impossible. When I spotted this Fashionista on this blustery day, I loved how she wore a mostly monochromatic look and just a touch of color with her jacket and scarf. Through her style, she illustrates how we can mix girly and edgy and still stay reasonable to the climate.

This Fashionista mentioned to me that she had not realized just how chilly and windy it was on this day and how the coat was mostly an afterthought. This totally worked in her favor and really made the ensemble stand out. Due to the length of the coat being the same as the length of her black button-down dress, this made the outfit look really thought out and polished. The bit of black trim at the collar of the coat tied into the black of the rest of the outfit perfectly.

The true standout of this ensemble, and the first thing that I noticed, was the fact that this Fashionista layered black, knee-high socks over her black tights. I thought this was such a cool personal touch that is so simple but adds so much. Not only does it add that much more warmth, but it gives an aura of edgy-chic. What used to be reserved for preppy schoolgirls is now something that can add so much to an outfit, and I hope to see more knee-high socks on my campus in the upcoming months.

The basic black booties were the perfect height because they allowed the socks to be the true focal point. Her oxblood circle scarf gave just enough color and looked fabulous with her colored lip. This Fashionista shows that fashion can be simple and on-trend at the same time.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Take a trend that normally wouldn’t be something you would wear and make it your own!”