Thinking back to my mother’s closet, I can imagine all the clothes and handbags stored away deep inside. There are pieces tucked in boxes that I have never even seen before. Then, you’re suddenly finding those hidden gems you know will be timeless. From the classic handbags and the little black dresses, I know I wanted to grow up just so I could wear them. To this day, these pieces are still in style and considered a necessity in the fashion industry. This Fashionisa knows all about these timeless pieces and gave it her own modern day twist.

On this below freezing day, this Fashionista doesn’t let the cold weather bring her style down. She protects herself from the frigid weather by flaunting a black peacoat, black skinny jeans and an off-white woven sweater. She pairs them with a statement necklace, kate spade new york bag and mini heeled booties. She creates a comfortable, effortless look, showcasing her classic style. This Fashionista dares to be bold by mixing her blacks and browns. They mesh perfectly with each other, matching different pieces in her outfit. This adds up to be an excellent equation for the perfect wardrobe!

This Fashionista looks like she walked out of a J.Crew catalog and ran into Audrey Hepburn on the way to class. She has taken the bootie trend and has knocked it out of the park. Along with these booties, her kate spade new york handbag proved to me that it is possible to fall in love with inanimate objects. By wearing an outfit like this, you will never go out of style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to add in a pop of style, whether it be a chunky necklace, bright lipstick or unique boots. One element ties everything together so I look done but not overdone.”