All my life, I have struggled with a comfort versus fashion dilemma. Whether it be on my way to the theater, the mall or just running errands, the “warm outside, cold inside” summertime dynamic has been an impossible challenge that I just cannot solve. However, in a situation where a sweater is too hot and a tank top is too cold, there is the kimono, which is just right.

The kimono is a current fashion trend that is modeled after Japanese robes of the same name. Although kimonos from Japan are known to be long, traditional garments worn on special occasions, this new variation comes in many different lengths, with the main similarity between it and its namesake being the lightweight feel of the fabric that allows it to be comfortable in cool and warm weather alike. The versatility of the garment makes it the perfect outer layer to wear on days where being out and about may also mean constant temperature changes from outside to inside.

This Fashionista is looking comfortable and fashionable in her black and white floral patterned kimono. A black top and skater skirt are paired together underneath to create an all-black ensemble. The kimono is definitely the centerpiece of this Fashionista’s look, but when it comes to wearing black, it’s nice to accessorize with a little bit of glam. A simple gold choker necklace brings some shimmer to the outfit. Finally, the metallic sandals add one last touch of color to this look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear something that makes you comfortable, while still feeling sassy and flirty.”