Within the past year or so, the centuries-old traditional Japanese kimono has become westernized, ultimately serving as a staple piece in many peoples’ closets! The free flowing kimono is versatile in design and style, meaning there is a version out there that can complement anyone’s apparel, from gothic to preppy and anywhere in between.

The diversity of the kimono is not limited to the style, but includes where and how you wear it as well! You can try the kimono over jean shorts and a crop top for a more casual, playful look for a music festival or spontaneous day in the city, or over a pencil skirt and decorative camisole for a classier, more reserved look in the office or class.

This Fashionista created the perfect boho chic outfit using a fabulous, purple kimono! The kimono has a subtle pattern that allows her to dress it up or down, depending on what she’s doing that day. In addition, the simplicity of the piece also allows her to use other accessories and statement pieces, like the pattern tights and elegant belt, to add depth and edginess to her outfit!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you’re contrasting colors, I like to use tones that are richer and deeper. Jewel tones are my favorite; I personally think it gives the outfit depth! The free-flowing kimono helps to adds livelihood and a sense of playfulness to any outfit, and to pull it all together I recommend going with something shiny and bold.”

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