It’s February and many of us are growing tired of sweaters, dark colors and freezing temperatures. Winter tempts us to throw on black leggings, an oversized sweater and call it an outfit. We long for cut-offs and bright colors yet all we can find in our closets is plain sweaters.

This Fashionista has found a solution to combating drab sweater days: colored accessories. The maroon scarf and turquoise earrings add style and joy to the tan sweater. They brighten up the entire look and this simple element takes the outfit to a whole new level. The maroon pops on the tan and looks beautiful with her light pink lip. Maroon is a great color choice for winter because it’s bright without looking too much like spring. Her turquoise earrings are the first things that stood out to me in this Fashionista’s look. They partner perfectly with the maroon and stand out in her dark hair. They are an unexpected element of color and surprise. This Fashionista tucks in her sweater with a dark braided belt for a more polished finish and one last element of color.

Brown, black and gray are great colors for winter, but they don’t have to be the only colors we wear for the next few months. This outfit is a wonderful example of how to easily spice up your next plain sweater day. Throw on some colored accessories and a big smile like this Fashionista and you’ll be brightening up campus everywhere you go.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always black. I know I’m not wearing black today, but black is my go-to. It’s classy, sexy and sassy.”