STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: I Heard That Black Is the New Black

Who said that too much black is a bad thing? It’s never a bad thing, because it screams, “I’m edgy!” But the all-black ensemble gently whispers simplicity. An all-black outfit can be wore for any kind of gathering and no one would see anything wrong with it.

When wearing an all-black outfit, you would never want to wear all-black everything. You need to spice it up and give it a flair, so there’s something that people would break their neck to see. So, giving the outfit a different color instead of another black item would definitely do the trick. I would say that when doing this that you think about the main eye-catching viewpoints in an outfit. For example, your face is the first thing people tend to look at, hand areas for any accessories you may have and lastly your feet. Rather it be a guy or a girl, a person is always looking at what you’re stepping in.

This Fashionisto is gallantly wearing an all-black vintage Supreme T-shirt with some worn and distressed black Nudie denim jeans. Finally, he capped it off with an all-white with small contrasting black and grey detail retro Jordan Cement 4’s. For his accessories, he’s sporting the Apple watch 38mm sport banded with a simple black band in his hair, and an extra hairband around his arm.

When wearing his all-black attire, he likes it to be really relaxed. As you can see.\, his contrasting item are his Jordans, it is definitely worth a neck breaking and going to see the doctor about it. It’s an almost all-white sneaker. Since, it can be seen far away from someone passing by, which makes these shoes a great choice. With this Fashionisto’s vintage T-shirt and worn jeans, he aced an all-black outfit that’s nice, simple and relaxed.

What is your Style Advice Of The Week? “My main focus with an all black assemble is to always have a pop of color somewhere in the outfit. Adding a pop of color to an all black attire will always make you stand out of the crowd and be remembered as the cool fashionisto/a at the occasion.”