Fashion is all about breaking rules and trying new trends. This Fashionista updates her wardrobe by trying the headband trend in a new way. From her headband, to her fuzzy sweater and combat boots she mixes new trends together to make her style all her own.

Trending since this summer, the sequined headband has been a popular statement that now continues to trend now into winter. Having a bad hair day? No problem. Add a sequined headband for a simple fix that will deviate from whatever hot mess of a hair day you’re having or even just a little added detail different from the everyday hair-do. Not only is this headband on trend, but it’s conveniently simple and versatile with the many different styles of a Fashionista. My favorite look is the bohemian style. Pair this headband with a kimono or flowy top to give a laid back and chill look envious of spring. Like this Fashionista, the headband can give off hippie vibes when worn on the forehead like so. The headband can be applied to bohemian, grunge, preppy, tribal or even retro styles to add detail to any ensemble. Besides beads and sequins, there are also other cute designs like chain and lace. Check out some of my favorite styles here and here.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable in what you wear. You don’t have to be in high heels and tight jeans to look cute. Leggings and a sweater will always be my go-to for winter because they are comfortable, warm and fashionable.”