STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Have Yourself A Nautical Little Winter

Happy winter, Fashionistas! Here in New England we were blessed with some great weather—up until now. It is officially winter weather and I don’t know how I feel about it in terms of style.

For one thing, I like winter fashion more than summer because layering is key for winter. Have you ever gone outside and it was freezing but then went to the mall and wish you could take layers off and then went to a restaurant and felt somewhere in between? Me too!

This Fashionista pulled off the layering look fabulously because she took a dress and put some leggings on underneath it for this chilly weather. If she wanted to, she could have easily thrown on a sweater and a jacket for some additional layers!

What I love about this look is the possibility to take this look from winter to summer. We talk a lot in fashion about taking a look from day to night, but what about season to season? I am all for making dresses versatile.I can just picture this dress with a floppy white hat and some cute white sandals or wedges to dress it up, but we see here that this dress works in the winter too.

This Fashionista took this versatile paisley blue dress on a wintry trip with navy leggings and brown booties. She kept a summer vibe with some hidden nautical gems–an anchor ring and an anchor necklace. The summery accents were so subtle that they completely worked with this look. She could also rock the same jewelry in the summer and even play up the nautical ambiance a bit more.

She kept it natural with her hair, half pulled back–which could work for the summer, too. She also wore her makeup in a simple way but played up her eyes with a winged liner.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The best part about this outfit is definitely that it is comfortable. I can see myself wearing this dress on many occasions because it looks great on but at the same time it is effortless.”