It is officially summer and it is scorching hot here in Los Angeles, so you might find yourself spending lots of time indoors. Despite this, it is impossible to escape the heat completely. Whether you’re heading to summer school or a summer internship, a lightweight, wide brim, black felt hat is a perfect functional accessory. Not only is it ultra chic, but it also shields you from the sun while you’re out running errands.

I love the trend of the wide brim, felt hats because of how stylish and useful they are. This trend began in the ’20s as garden style hats, worn by women to shield them from the sun while gardening. Eventually this trend evolved into the wide brim, felt hat we see today. You can often spot Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl sporting one of these, whether it is to shield her from all the publicity or just for fashion purposes. Either way, it always complemented her outfit and served its fully functional purpose.

This Fashionista went for a very minimalistic black outfit. I caught her right after her first day of summer school and I loved the simple look. She pairs her black, wide brim, felt hat with a soft, striped T-shirt. Her laid back look is very fitting for her first day of school. She pairs her striped T-shirt with ripped, black denim jeans. Her rolled up jeans allow more air flow throughout her outfit to keep her cooler throughout the day. The black in her outfit really portrays the feeling of glum and desolation associated with the beginning of summer school.

She pairs her outfit with a medium-sized Michael Kors handbag with gold detailing to add a bit of shine to her look. Lastly, she finishes her look with a pair of black-heeled booties. The zipper detail saves the boots from looking too simple and adds a bit more texture to her outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to play around with hats; it really does make a difference in terms of heat and it really gives your outfit an extra pop. Additionally, I think a neutral-colored, wide brim hat is definitely a closet staple, and since it’s neutral-colored, it’s easy to just put on right before leaving the house!”