STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Grungy Summer Evenings

As summer is approaching an undesired end, evenings are bound to be visited by chilly breezes that welcome an autumn-y twist on any outfit. This week’s Fashionista stylishly embraced the season while adapting to a casual evening’s demands.

By means of her black ripped jeans, the student adds a strong sense of rough grunge to her ensemble. What makes this element stand out is the rather particular way in which she combines it. By choosing a black and white striped shirt, she sticks within the color palette while adding a playful touch to the roughness of the pants. She picks a bright flared coral blazer to complement the look; the addition of a vibrant color adds instant flair to the dichromatic combination. Moreso, she chooses Converse shoes whose color are a nice complement to the blazer and whose style adds a note of “relaxed cool” to the ensemble. Her accessories are a charming way to self-express: her multiple gold rings each have a particular, endearing story of their own and her necklace has been a faithful outfit addition for quite some time.

All of her accessories, including her retro modern watch, follow the same golden color scheme; they represent a harmonious counterpart to her sartorial choices. Lastly, her light makeup and her California sun-kissed hair are sure ways to add a positive aura to the ensemble as a whole.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I bought the blazer because the color and the material were appealing to me and it had a special way of draping and bouncing while I was wearing it. My jeans, while being a basic item in an outfit, felt special because of the ripped details that added a slight edge to anything I was combining them with.”