STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Grease Lightening!

Before bad gal Riri ever told us to pour it up or have her money, Grease’s Sandy Olsson of Rydell High was the original good girl gone bad to don a sexy leather getup. Sandy’s style transformation at the end of the Grease really shed light on just how sexy a leather jacket can be, and marked her switch from goody-two shoes to a bonafide babe. Still the leather jacket continued to be represented as the punky girl’s go-to piece through the ’80s with rockstars such as Blondie sporting the look. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a ’50s Greaser or an ’80s rock star to know that the leather jacket has become the quintessential finishing touch to almost every outfit.

The leather jacket trend became popular as a multitude of stores started designing and selling the leather good for varying price points that made it available to the wider audience, and ultimately establishing it as a staple piece in almost every man and woman’s closet. The leather jacket design has changed a lot too, from biker to bomber to minimalistic and so on. Which brings me to the leather jacket that inspired this article.

While walking across the IDC campus, I spotted this seemingly effortless look and had to capture it. I believe that a simple, white T-shirt can really stand out when it’s paired with other unique pieces, even if they’re all black. Aside from how incredible these black jeans fit, the split detail at the bottom not only leads your eyes to this year’s booties of choice, but elongates and flatters this Fashionista’s legs. While last year’s booties seemed to propel you into the clouds, this year we see a decrease in the height of the heel that’s more fit for the girl on the go. Finally, the finishing touch is in her very popular Stella McCartney purse that we’ve seen circulate through the fashion world in the past year. All together this look is clean cut and effortless while maintaining a chic outlook that can only be described as “professionally cool.” While I usually gravitate toward suede and consider myself as more of a flower child, I can definitely say that this look inspires me to adopt a leather biker jacket of my own and integrate it into my wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always remember, an all black outfit must have a touch of color, even if it’s just white!”