Simplicity is key in these hot summer months. Being able to look and feel good without sweating or stressing about the heat is really important, especially living in a city where walking is an essential means of transportation. This three-component look fits the weather and the atmosphere perfectly for a nice touristy day downtown.

The lace babydoll dress is a fresh and clean slate that is versatile and may fit many different occasions. The shape of the dress is flattering with the assurance that nothing will stick to you in the humidity. The high neckline gives way to either wear your hair down or in a cute pony that will cool you off. From far away, looking like just a plain white dress, this outfit is classic. Closer up you see the fine detail of the lace that adds that extra feminine touch!

Rounding out the outfit is the perfect pair of essential sandals, which could go with just about anything in your closet. The comfortable leather straps allow for a full day of walking without sacrificing style in the process. The light blue polish keeps the ensemble mostly in the pastel version and is a hot new color this season. Straying away from pinks and reds and monotony, the blue adds a unique twist and a personal touch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love comfort, but I also love style. Whenever I can perfectly meld the two, I feel like I have accomplished something great. Growing up people would always ask, ‘But are you even comfortable?’ Most of the time I can confidently say that I am. Being comfortable in your situation and confident in your look is really important. So be you, but in a way that does not leave you sweating or hurting at the end of the day.”