During the winter semester, most college students hate dressing up when it is cold outside. Even worse, when it comes to showing off your cute outfit and sense of style, it ends up being covered by a big winter coat majority of the time. To make sure that you are always in style no matter where you are, get a trendy coat that is as stylish as your outfit of the day like this Fashionista has done.

During the change of the weather and season, a lot of people say that there are certain colors and fabrics that should only be worn during that season. Some colors like sky blue, yellow, orange or even pink should only be worn during the spring or summer time. During this time of year, every Fashionista should have neutral colors in their closet. For example, olive green, grey, brown and nude are neutral colors that are complimentary to every skin complexion.

Staying warm and still showing some style can be hard but it is not impossible. This Fashionista matched her crème capped sleeve knitted crop sweater, burgundy knitted leggings and olive green contemporary utility jacket to match with her natural kinky hair and added some gold accessories. To finish off this winter earth-tone look, this Fashionista added her red regular fitted down parka coat that gives more color, brown Timberland boots and a light brown over-the-shoulder bag. Not only is this look simple, but it is very inexpensive as well.

What is your style ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never go wrong with Timberland boots and a olive green jacket. As long as you add a bit of gold accessories, your outfit will be complete.”