This isn’t your Catholic schoolgirl plaid. It’s not that ugly Ron Burgundy-esque plaid straight from the ’70s. It’s most definitely not that unbearable faded plaid you see on your grandma’s love seat.

This is the new plaid for the sophisticated girl, the plaid you can actually feel confident in at a special occasion. Let’s just say lumber jack chic isn’t for everyone. But the emergence of this new plaid trend has made it a much classier print that’s no longer reserved for just flannel shirts.

This Fashionista is rocking this plaid trend through her oversized scarf. This black and white accessory commands attention as the central component of her look. Accompanying this is a black, longsleeve blouse with dainty lace detailing on the shoulders. Continuing with the feminine feel, she has on a layered strand of pearls and silver dangly earrings. However, even a southern belle needs a little bit of edge. Her modern touches are a pair of skinny jeans and sleek black booties.

What makes this look successful is that the plaid component is not overdone. Typically, too much pattern can be overpowering, and honestly it’s not hard to enter tacky territory. Instead, pick staple pieces like a plaid anorak jacket or midi skirt. However, if you prefer to add it to your wardrobe in a subtle way, stick to a pair of adorable plaid flats, or follow this Fashionista’s direction and try a blanket scarf.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be daring! Plaid is typically thought of as a very casual pattern, but I believe that with the right pair of heels or a blazer, you can absolutely dress it up.”