Summer calls for bright colors and anything that reminisces the beach and the warm days. Colors such as blue, yellow, red, white and anything bright are perfect for the summer season. It is essential to wear comfortable, fresh clothes that allow you to cool down when the temperatures rise. Additionally, accessories that really complement your outfit are a must, especially if you choose the right tone. I personally prefer gold colors for the summer since they’re elegant and the gold tone reminds me of the sunny days.

I loved this Fashionista’s outfit because, as soon as I saw it, it reminded me of a lovely summer day at the beach. Her turquoise cami reminded me of the ocean and I loved that she paired it with white capris because they’re comfortable, fresh and perfect for a warm day. The color white really helps brighten up the outfit, as well as accent all the other colors that make part of this ensemble. Her sandals are very comfortable and go well with the golden accessories she is wearing. Her leaf necklace reminds me of nature and the contrast with her colorful bracelet adds a lot of energy to her overall outfit.

I can’t pinpoint a particular aspect of this outfit that made it stand out. The way it flows together and each piece complements each other is what makes it such a great ensemble. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, and this outfit certainly displays elegance and class with a youthful touch. It’s perfect for any summer day, especially if you’re dreaming about the happy days at the beach.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I personally like to wear whatever fits my body the best. Try finding clothes that are appropriate for your body shape, your skin tone, hair color, etc.; I personally feel much more comfortable when I’m wearing something that highlights me and fits me right.”