There is nothing wrong with a little bit of pattern to spice up the day. I always feel like people are too weary about wearing patterns, but the pattern on this Fashionista is perfect. It matches the season and her personality! Whether it’s a gloomy day or a beautiful one, the pop of a pattern will make sure to enhance any day or night.

The flowers and other designs in the shirt are small enough that people can see what it is, but it doesn’t take away from the Fashionista. Florals are great in any season because who doesn’t love flowers? The simpler the pattern, the easier it is to match with it. This shirt looks greats with plain jeans, but if we were talking about a striped shirt, there would be more things to match. Layering with a solid color and a design is a great way to calm the look, and break up the pattern.

I believe that jeans are great go-to no matter the outfit. Since this shirt is a little cropped, high-waisted jeans are a great option. Sandals pair well with this outfit, but wedges or boots would also match.

Patterns are great because jewelry doesn’t necessarily need to be worn, since the shirt is the statement piece. Play with different patterns to see which ones best fits your body type. So, get ready to bloom with a pattern that will make heads turn!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to just be comfortable in what I’m wearing. Whether I am covered in floral or not, I just want to be me and be happy.”