Mixing prints is one thing, but mixing two styles together and pulling it off? It takes a real Fashionista to do that. I absolutely adore the combination of athleisure and feminine into one look. The details of this outfit are what make it unique.

On a regular day when I see someone with a Nike Tech-Fit sweat suit, it’s paired with sneakers, a book bag and anything casual. This Fashionista had a completely different aesthetic in mind. Not only did she throw a fur coat on top of it, but she also wore Christian Louboutin pumps. The feminine accessories of this look speak volumes about this Fashionista’s style.

Chilly days call for sweat suits, but who really wants to wear sweats and sneakers? Not a true Fashionista. This is what I call being the game-changer, doing something significantly different and doing it with confidence.

This look is perfect for a cold winter day when you want to have a more laid-back look, but you still want to strut around campus with confidence. The purple camouflage print on the sweat suit gives the outfit that much more detail. I can’t think of a better way to be comfortable, chic and different. The fur coat tops off the look with a chic, yet edgy touch. The fur collar surrounds the Fashionista’s face with a dark lip and white eyeliner complementing the look. Be a fashion game-changer this season and see where your style takes you.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It is okay to wear or own the same things that others do, but it is all about what you do to make it look different.”