Happy going back to school, Fashionista/os! Buckling down and getting in the groove of beginning spring semester can be stressful and chaotic, although showing off current trends is definitely very exciting! Since I’ve returned to Charleston, I have noticed the most prominent trends include grungy neutral tones, distressed denim and, of course, the zip-up ankle bootie.

This Fashionista’s specific ensemble revolves around an urban hipster style including a plaid blouse and torn black skinny jeans, but what really bring a twist to the outfit is the accessories. By wearing many colorful rings and a cuff bracelet, it can make an outfit consisting of dark neutral tones truly stand out. Additionally, although fringe is typically a trend associated with summertime, this Fashionista pulls off the fringe bag, an accessory that can successfully complete any outfit, no matter what the season! Now, shift your focus to the adorable distressed leather ankle booties. With a slight heel and just a zip-up, you can be ready to head to class in style or simply grab a coffee with some friends.

The jewelry, fringe purse and booties embrace a whole new style in addition to urban hipster and bohemian. The chic-themed urban look combined with an artsy boho style can be a game changer for any outfit! The urban bohemian combination creates for a street style, complemented by a gypsy feel.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The main thing to remember is that there is no rulebook stating you have to commit to one certain style. Change it up, be bold and don’t be afraid to mix different genres of fashion. Most importantly, stay RAD, friends!”