STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From Mediocre to Memorable

I know all you Fashionista/os out there have more than a few times struggled to come up with an outfit that is bold, beautiful and brilliant. Whether it be from lack of clean laundry, “Fashionista/o’s block,” or pure laziness, everyone has struggled to create an outfit to reflect their rad style.

Although the pictured Fashionista looks like she is wearing a well-thought-out outfit, if she were to take off her elegant bomber jacket, there would be just a simple outfit left. Underneath the jacket, she is wearing plain blue jeans, a basic tank top and common black booties from Steve Madden. With this average outfit, she was able to create something amazing just by paring it with an embroidered bomber jacket, a Michael Kors watch and purse and a delicate necklace from Urban Outfitters.

One great thing about putting together an outfit from something basic is you are able to wear something extreme that you might not have worn otherwise. If you were already dressed to the nines, you might be hesitant to add an elaborate jacket, dress or purse to the ensemble. Your lack of clean clothes, “Fashionita/o’s block” and laziness can be turned into something magnificent. Don’t be afraid to chose unique (or even a little weird) articles of clothing while shopping because more times than not they help tie an outfit into something fascinating.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try not to become overwhelmed and frustrated if there is no creative spark at the top of your head.  All you have to do in stressful situations like that is to come up with a basic outfit. Go for plain jeans and a white T-shirt or black leggings and a gray sweater, and pair it with an intricate accessory!”