Battling this cold weather can be hard to do this time of year. The wind-chill drops below zero and you want to put on every warm thing in your closet. As tempting as it is to bundle up like a snowball, the true Fashionistas know how to take on the cold with style. This Fashionista perfectly incorporates her coat and scarf into an overall stunning outfit.

What immediately caught my attention about this look was the fashion-forward coat and fringe scarf. Walking around campus, you tend to see everyone bundled up from head to toe with puffy coats and bulky scarves. This Fashionista wasn’t scared of the cold as she sported her own, personal style. The coat is very unique, and fringe scarves are a personal favorite. They conquer warmth and style, wrapped into one. However, this Fashionista didn’t stop there. She paired her killer outwear with a fringe sweater and a gold necklace that added some sparkle to her outfit. As much as I love all of the added accessories of this look, my favorite accent is this Fashionista’s bright pop of colored nail polish. It adds a subtle color to this overall neutral look

Fringe is an amazing accessory that comes in all forms—boots, tank tops, sweaters, purses and much more! It takes a simple piece of an outfit, and gives it a little something extra to really make you stand out in a crowd.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ”There is never a wrong time to add a little fringe.”