Winter is almost over! Over the past week, the sun has begun to peek out from behind the clouds, allowing for short sleeve shirts. The change of weather has been refreshing; the dreary cloud cover that sits atop London every day became quite monotonous.

The change of weather has brought about a change in mood as well. Internship applications are due and job interviews are rampant, causing stress as students prepare for the summer ahead. This Fashionista refused to let the anxiety get her down as she strutted the streets of sunny London. She looked very professional and girly, ready for anything.

She started with a fitted black long sleeve shirt. The scoop neck is a flattering look for anyone and this girl knew how to work it. She added a floral white skirt that contrasted her all-black look. Her black tights kept her legs warm in the last weeks of winter. She rocked black booties to keep her looking stylish and give her a little height. Her personality really shined through in her accessories. Her subtle shimmer in the form of a Tiffany & Co. necklace was the perfect detail to bring her outfit together. Her statement bag made her look ready for any internship or interview that was coming her way.

If you ever want to look prepared for an interview, keep it basic and start with black pieces and add statement accessories. Most importantly, add some lipstick and be confident in yourself!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Pants are overrated. You can rock skirts and dresses even in the winter.”