Living in Los Angeles, our winter season is a few cloudy days here and there and never any rain. So, we’re lucky enough to still pull off skirts and flats. Speaking of flats, I’ve been seeing lace-up flats everywhere lately and I’m as obsessed with this trend as everyone else.

These flats are so versatile, which is one of the things I love about them. You can pair them with some jeans, a simple shirt and a leather jacket, giving an edgy, yet laid back vibe. These flats can then transition to a night out look simply by switching the jeans for a skirt or a dress. This simple change will make it a more formal outfit. There are several types of lace-up flats, some of which go up higher on the leg and others stay low on the ankle. Either way, they are incredibly cute! There is not much these super on-trend flats don’t go with.

So, when I saw this Fashionista, the flats were the first piece in her outfit to catch my attention. She is wearing a graphic T-shirt that gives such a laid back vibe to her look. She tucked in her T-shirt into a black skater skirt, which is a staple piece that every girl needs in her closet. The lace-up flats definitely dress up this look, giving this casual outfit a little something extra. The skater skirt and lace-up flats work so well together, making this Fashionista look cute and trendy. I really love how she added a personal touch with a T-shirt from her favorite band. I also like the black and white color scheme. This outfit can also fall into the minimalist trend. To tie winter into the outfit, she threw on a beanie, which is also black and white, again making the outfit more laid back.

What is your STYLE ADVICE FOR THE WEEK? “I love the ballerina style these flats have and that they are black. Don’t be afraid to wear black—lots and lots of black”.