A great pair of jeans can make even the simplest outfit look amazing. Whether it is a pair of low-rise skinny jeans or high-waisted flares, the power of the perfect pair of jeans will always come through. Recently, I have really been loving the look of flare jeans. I used to think that this trend was way outdated, but I am starting to notice people sporting them in a much more modern way.

I love this chic trend because it is great for a night out and it is unique compared to the usual skinny jeans and top ensemble that most people are comfortable with. Flare jeans are perfectly classy while still giving great shape and flow to an outfit.

Bell-bottom jeans were a popular trend during the late ’60s through the ’70s. Nowadays, they have transformed into what are currently known as boot-cut and flare jeans. This Fashionista has incorporated this trend into her outfit perfectly. Her simple white top combined with her statement watch and black leather bracelet keeps the look simple yet elegant. Fun fact: the watch is actually a menswear piece from Michael Kors that the Fashionista uses to make a bold statement while still remaining very feminine. The black bralette she is wearing under her sheer white top ties in the black color scheme from her watch and bracelet. She is wearing a simple pair of brown wedges to add some height, which is essential when wearing flare jeans.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love big statement pieces, like an oversized watch and big hoop earrings. That is why I love the look of flare jeans— they add the perfect amount of character to the outfit while still keeping the look modern with just a bit of edge.”