A flannel is the hero of the closet. It serves as a lazy Sunday shirt, the perfect going to class shirt and, finally, the key to layering in any occasion. If you look in your closet and do not see a flannel, it is pertinent that you go out and treat yourself to one. You will not have to look hard to find one because every store has them, and you just have to take your pick in the plethora of flannels.

The flannel used to have the stereotype for only being for lumberjacks or, of course, if you were going to a country concert. But needless to say, flannels have successfully earned a new reputation and no one is against them. The fashion world has taken the flannel and transformed it into its own style. Styling a flannel is so versatile, which is the beauty of it. With all of the options you have to sport a flannel, this Fashionista decided to use the flannel for the power of layering.

Whether it is cold, warm or hot, this is a trend you can try out in any season. This Fashionista pairs her flannel over a gray T-shirt with black leggings. To adapt it to the winter season, she had a Kelly green jacket accentuated with gold buttons to keep her warm, and she added a black scarf. She topped it off with knee-high black boots and cream thigh high socks. The flannel comes without any rules, so try out a borrowed idea or something new!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort. Honestly, that’s my biggest thing. I love paring leggings with chunky cardigans and throwing on a scarf. Scarves are my favorite. It is important to dress to success but to be comfy while doing so!”