January 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Floral prints always seem to pop up, no matter what season it is. While the weather is cooler, these patterns have been brightening up our dim days. Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 show revealed some bold, exciting takes on floral. However, not everyone can wear such flashy patterns.

The problem with florals is that they can be difficult to manipulate. We’ve all seen terrible button-up shirts with giant daisies, flowers in neon colors or other peculiar combinations. There is a thin line between charming and gaudy.

That’s where pieces like this Fashionista’s scarf come into play. A floral accessory can be a significant improvement to any simple outfit. This print in particular draws just the right amount of attention. Scarves aren’t the only accessory that works with this pattern, either. Shoes are also a playful way to add a bold print to any ensemble.

Even with a floral accessory, simplicity is often key with the rest of the look. This Fashionista made the excellent choice of wearing a blue button-up shirt to offset her scarf. Black jeans or leggings also make the pattern pop. As for shoes, follow this Fashionista’s lead and opt for a pair of neutral flats. A few simple bracelets will add another element to the look that doesn’t distract from the playful scarf.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you want to use a print, it should be a pop. I tend to keep it simple. When I want a bold print, it tends to be an accessory.”