It is blatantly obvious that reds are the color of the season. Whether it be an oxblood red or a deep burgundy, you can scan the streets in any city and be sure to spot some form of red. And what better way to complete an outfit than with a coordinating color?

Blue is a color that looks great on everyone. Not only does it have bright shades that makes every girl’s eyes pop, but it is also a neutral. Navy blue ranges from trousers to denim. It is the perfect color for almost any season and is always flattering. This color is ideal for London because it fits in with the dark clothing that Londoners are known for and adds a touch of personality.

This Fashionista recognized the greatness of navy blue and decided to rock an entire outfit of the color. She wore a chunky sweater that perfectly matched her skirt. The skirt was a thick blue material that had intricate red patterns. Of course, no skirt is complete without pockets. To stay warm in this chilly new year, she wore navy blue tights with a contrasting red lip. Her brown-gray shoes were an unexpected and unique touch. Lastly, she wrapped up in her trench coat so she wouldn’t freeze on her journey from her house to the Tube station.

This Fashionista knew that she looked good and took ownership of her style. Her confidence in monochromatic tones radiated as she walked down the street. Dressing in coordinating colors from head to toe is nothing to be scared of—go ahead and try it—even if you start with all black. Experimenting with your clothing and finding what represents you is what fashion is all about!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Having basic staples mixed in with bold, fun pieces is the most important thing to me! No matter what, you can always look chic in basics.”