Not everything is completely awful when the weather is freezing. For example, the ability to wear anything and everything fur (no worries PETA, only faux here). Fur vests, coats and even fur-detailed booties are a prominent trend this winter season. These warm staples can be worn dressed up, for a classy chic look, or down, for a casual feel.

I don’t know about you, but a big statement fur piece makes me feel on top of the world. Not like Macklemore and his whole thrift shopping vibe, but like Kathy Bates in the Titanic (just because Kathy Bates is amazing). In addition to the emotional impact of this trend, fur physically keeps me warm, which is so important when I walk to class in 20 degrees weather.

This Fashionista paired a printed navy dress with a gray faux fur vest, balancing the lightness of the frock with the warmth of the fur. She wore a neutral pair of tan booties to keep the focus on the print of the dress and the texture of the vest. For a wintry and warm look, she added thick, over-the-knee socks that match the outfit.

Fur has been around for a while (my grandma has been wearing the same long mink fur coat for years) and is still proving to be prevalent in the fashion world today. Chloe, Marni, Blugirl and Emilio Pucci all included fur pieces on the runway for their fall/winter 2014 shows. These fashion houses only strengthened my love for fur and inspired me to wear the trend in new ways.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “While you want to wear something cute, definitely pick a piece that keeps you warm! There is nothing worse than being cold or uncomfortable all day.”