It was love at first sight! Well, love with her outfit that is. When trotting around the streets of downtown Syracuse, I was walking towards her head-on without my glasses. For a mere moment I thought I had encountered Anna Wintour or Yara Michels, the head blogger of Chapter Friday. Alas, no. It was just another fabulous ‘Cuse Fashionista strutting her stuff on a day around the town.

Effortlessly stunning, the Fashionista conquered layering. Layering is the one style technique every student in the bipolar temperate zone has a love/hate relationship with. The unpredictable winter pushes students to sacrifice cool and cold or warm and frumpy. Simply tragic. This Fashionista layered her torso in an unexpected way by placing a sleeveless knit turtleneck over her ultra-posh puffed-sleeve blouse. She finished her outfit off well with dark wash skinny jeans and a designers’ touch in her Chanel Espadrilles. Her awesome bright lip color gave her a classy pop of color to her modern look. The Fashionista added my favorite piece of all time, the black tote to set her look off and still maintain practicality. Wanna take it a step further? Add more color and detail to the blouse or vest. This look is a stretch for you? Keep it simple with a regular white button-up and layer a crop top over it, it’s practically the same concept.

Want to look like you jumped right out of a Lucky magazine editorial too? Posh pieces like a crisp, white button-down always look great and give a polished look. When layering you do not have to give up style, simply use classic, warmer pieces as a foundation. Next add a trend piece to elevate your look (in this case, her vest and shoes). Depending on the event and your mood choose some shoes and you’re set!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Getting that chic magazine editor look doesn’t require a chic magazine editor’s salary. Remember H&M is our friend. Use staple pieces (black dress, denim jacket, leather boots, etc.) and add unique add-on pieces. Also, never be afraid to add extra oomph with the tuck and rolls. Half-tuck your top or roll up your sleeves to bring that ‘I woke up like this’ feel to your look.”