When it comes to dresses, the options are endless. Short, maxi, tea-length, A-line, shift…the list goes on and on. It is for that very reason that explains why dresses are my absolute favorite piece of clothing. A dress is a complete outfit in itself, and I always say that the best thing a woman can purchase for herself is a solid colored dress in the style that suits her body type.

I will be honest and admit that I typically avoid clothing items with patterns, although I will occasionally slip in something striped or tie-dye every once in a while. I like to keep the base of my outfits completely simple and neutral and dress them up with my favorite shoes and accessories. A simple dress can go a long way and make for plenty of different looks for so many different occasions.

That is why I absolutely love this Fashionista’s look. She took this totally simple black shift dress and made it look completely put together and fashionable. Her look is so versatile that she is ready to go just about anywhere. In the Mississippi heat, she will stay comfortable and cool in her loose fitting sleeveless dress, which is always a practical choice for a hot day. She decided to dress up her look with a light pink layered necklace that matches perfectly with the color on her light pink Steve Madden wedges, tying the look together from neck to toe. She accessorized further with a large gold watch, a large gold cuff bracelet, several gold rings and a pair of beautiful gold hoop earrings. Finally, to keep with the casual vibe she was going for, she is sporting her favorite navy blue Longchamp tote bag. This Fashionista started with one simple piece, and she came out with one fabulous outfit!

You can never go wrong with buying totally simple pieces like this black shift dress. You can take your look in so many directions with just a few additions!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I am all about comfort while still feeling cute and presentable. I love dresses that are flowy and breathable that I can use for any sort of occasion with the addition of all kinds of accessories and shoes.”