Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great week! Recently I have been taking a summer class at Parsons in New York City. This means that I met a bunch of international, cool Fashionistas. This look is a cultured look, straight from Turkey. This look kind of reminds me of a caged bird with this wide knit fashion inspiration all around us.

The accessories in this outfit really make the outfit pop and stand out. It’s really important to add accessories to this look or else it would be too plain! This Fashionista has paired some very edgy pieces creating an extremely posh look. She has paired a wide crochet sweater with a cagey bralette. This makes the whole outfit look ultra cool, straight out of a NYC street style mag.  After that, she paired loose fitting pants in a perfect camouflage color. Those stylish pants with the comfy yet structured sweater really pull the outfit together. If you’re more comfortable finding some fitted pants, then go ahead!

As if all these pieces weren’t perfect enough, our Fashionista topped off the look with really effortless sandals (espadrilles would work perfectly as well).  Finally, the frosting on the cake, our Fashionista topped off her look with cool sunglasses and jewelry. In Turkey, it’s a really big deal to have an outfit put together from head to toe—this includes jewelry! Simple and delicate rings and necklaces are really in style, especially for summer. You don’t want to be stepping out to the beach or a fun outing in chunky jewelry!

This super edgy and versatile look is light enough for those chilly summer days! Try this look for yourself!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always add a little something extra to push that outfit over the edge! Also, do not be afraid of loose pants—they are your best friend!”