Can you believe it’s already January? It definitely doesn’t feel like it temperature wise. This time last year, the East Coast had already had multiple big snow storms. This year however, we haven’t even had many days with temperatures below 45 degrees! The good news is that we haven’t had to plow our cars out and are able to walk outside without our fingers turning blue. The bad news is that the Earth is probably not doing so well but hey, if us Fashionistas are able to show off our outfits outside without having to bundle up, then who cares about global warming, right? Just kidding! Anyway, even though we haven’t had freezing temperatures yet this year, it’s still chilly enough for your favorite knits—sweaters, chunky scarves, leg warmers, etc. Knits are not only cozier when they’re layered but they look better too!

Today’s Fashionista is a great example of layering knits for a chilly day. Her oatmeal colored pullover sweater was a great choice because it’s a neutral color which goes with pretty much anything. The design on her sweater made for a more interesting look. On top of her sweater she layered a cozy, burgundy scarf. Her cross-body bag matched her scarf which was a nice touch. Her dark wash skinny jeans were a good choice because not only is dark wash denim always flattering, but darker washes are definitely more of a fall and winter style, whereas light wash is more suitable for spring. Since the temperature were still mild, she did not feel the need to wear fur boots or anything like that. Instead, she had simple, brown oxford style shoes on. This type of shoe is comfortable but trendy and can be worn with anything from jeans to dresses.

This Fashionista really had a great casual outfit that was perfect for the current temperature and was able to walk around outside comfortably. On colder days, a parka or peacoat could be worn open on top of this ensemble for a little extra warmth. Knit gloves and a cute hat are also good options to consider.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Neutral colored basic items are the best items to keep in your wardrobe. Neutral tops, sweaters, shoes, etc. You can always dress up an outfit with bold jewelry, scarves and bags but in my wardrobe at least, neutral staple items are the foundation of every outfit!”