STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Confident Color Combinations

It seems that whether a color combination works or doesn’t is based solely on a person’s opinion. Fashion has been breaking the “rules” of color since the beginning. There is no right way to do color, you just have to go for it.

Although I love unusual color combinations, I like to keep the colors I use in my wardrobe more muted like this Fashionista. The colors being as soft as they are helps them coexist better. I think it makes the outfit as a whole more aesthetically pleasing. Less vibrant colors also keep the eye from jumping around an outfit like it would if multiple bright colors were used. Pairing seemingly odd colors together that share a cohesive muted tone will add uniqueness to an outfit and pull together quirky details.

This Fashionista has got it down to a science. She looks like she’s straight out of an Anthropologie lookbook. She paired a two-toned mustard and tan turtleneck poncho with deep wine-colored cords. It’s no doubt that these two main color combinations would seem like they wouldn’t pair well but here, they go together perfectly. The tan block at the bottom of her poncho breaks the colors apart so they aren’t right next to each other. Her wine-colored lip almost matches perfectly with her cords. Adding hints of similar colors throughout an outfit helps make an outfit flow together.

To finish it off, she adds quirky black and white flats with bows. Her necklace also has hints of black and white in it, which again, makes the outfit flow.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always wear outfits that I feel comfortable and confident in. If I go out on the town in something that just isn’t my style, I can only focus on how uncomfortable I feel instead of focusing on having fun. It’s just not worth it!”