STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Comfy, Cozy and Classy

Hi Fashionistas! Everyone’s itching for warm weather, especially now where we are in our final months of winter. What’s one thing that we will miss about the cold though? Oversized, warm sweaters!

The beige sweater this Fashionista is wearing, gives off a very simple look due to the fact that it is a neutral color. The neutral color works so well though because of the black jeans and shoes she chooses to wear with the rest of her outfit. Even though neutral colors don’t stick out much, the black helps to make the sweater “pop” more. The cowl neckline adds classiness which helps to make a statement. The textured cloth also adds depth to the look.

With it being winter it’s hard not to want to look cute, but cozy. And cute but cozy equals throwing on a oversized sweater, and you can’t blame a girl for wanting to do just that. Want to be comfy at the library? An oversized, cowl-neck sweater is the obvious choice. Want to look cute before going to dinner or the movies with your friends? Again, an oversized, cowl-neck sweater is perfect. Date night? One more time, an oversized, cowl-neck sweater! Cowl-neck sweaters fit in at any time and for any event, as long as you dress it up or dress it down right.

The Fashionista does an awesome job at dressing her sweater up a bit by accessorizing with a watch that complements the color of her sweater, as well as her purse but is still casual enough to where she could wear it to class that day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Your best outfit is always going to be the one you wear with confidence and a smile.”