Summer is finally in the air and this means warmer days are ahead! When the weather becomes sunny and hot, it’s a great idea to wear lightweight fabrics while keeping our clothing as minimal as possible. Also, staying cute and comfy during the summertime is essential because, as the sun is beating down on you, wearing heavy fabric tends to become uncomfortable.

Since summer is a time to have fun, staying simple and classic in your everyday look is a must because you never know what the day might bring. One moment, you can be at the pool or beach and, before you know it, you are hitting the town with your friends. That’s why this Fashionista did an amazing job with her ensemble. I love the green T-shirt dress since it’s so versatile, yet comfy. The way the dress flows adds texture. The great aspect of this dress is its simplicity. As a result of this, I love how this dress can show a person’s unique style by adding accessories, such as a cute statement necklace, a cross-body bag or gladiator sandals.

In addition to her adorable T-shirt dress, her black Birkenstocks are definitely a must for this season. These shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors, making it very easy to find the perfect pair. The three, thin straps on the shoe add interesting detail, but still keep your eyes focused on her dress. Pairing the long silver turquoise necklace with the blue cross-body bag definitely completes her outfit. Incorporating these two accessories into her outfit grabbed my attention because she kept the pieces within the same color scheme.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wearing a dress is perfect for the summertime because comfort is key. Also, wearing a solid-colored dress is a fun way to incorporate bold accessories, so as to spice up an outfit.”