Great style is effortless. What makes it effortless is how the clothing is paired with accessories. Accessories define an outfit and make it stand out in the crowd. Standing out, however, comes in the form of some color.

Some Fashionistas/os might enjoy a lot of neutral or solid colors, and this is okay. Outfits can be dark and gloomy, but even that can become boring and a thing of the past! What then, makes an outfit pop? You guessed it already, it is the accessories.

This month’s Fashionista rocks olive high-waisted shorts paired perfectly with a striped black and white boatneck T-shirt and solid peach platform pumps. Her outfit gets some color from a cute flower statement necklace from JCPenney and blue flower earrings. Not only do these accessories brighten the outfit, the accessories add sass and fun into a beautiful summer day.

Minimizing the amount of accessories and adding pops of color to your day-to-day style will allow for the outfit to speak for itself in any season or occasion. In this case, “less is more.”

That being said, these are not rules, but simple advice. Each Fashionista/o has their own unique styles, outfits and accessories. Find something that you love and always remember to own it and work it!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Even the smallest amount of color can give an outfit life.”