When most people think of fashion, they think of something over the top. They think of haute couture—the kind of looks that are flashy and in your face. But, fashion can be simple. It’s the way you dress up for a brunch with your mom at the local diner or a day out on the town with your best friend. Fashion does not have to be complex. It’s simple. That is where college Fashionistas come in. We are the best at putting together laid-back looks that still have a stylish flare, especially this Fashionista!

I like to call this look “college casual.” Her black and white striped long sleeve T-shirt is a staple item in her wardrobe. It is exceptionally easy to dress up or down. Since this T-shirt is apart of the American Eagle Outfitters soft and sexy collection, it gives this Fashionista all the more reason to wear it. Not only does she look good, she feels good too.

If you really want to nail your casual look, a pair of American Eagle Outfitters tomboy jeans are a must. What better way to look effortless than in a pair of slouchy, distressed jeans? Here, this Fashionista has her jeans deliberately cuffed at the bottom. Her tan, heeled booties deserve all the showcasing they can get. Check out the silver, studded detailing on the back. With just enough effectiveness, they convey the smooth look that she is going for.

Although less is more when it comes to your college look, it is important to embody your true style. This Fashionista made sure to wear her new Urban Gem statement necklace that she received in her latest Rocksbox set. This necklace accents her look as it’s bold and fun. For some more liveliness, she wore her favorite memorabilia—a class ring—and an additional ring to polish off her look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Heeled booties are my weapon for mass destruction or they’re for when I have to fake that ‘I didn’t hit snooze eight times this morning’ look.”