Winter coats are a staple in any East Coast college Fashionista’s closet. Even though there has not been that much snow, the temperatures always feel below freezing. Although we would like to think that the winter season is coming to a close, in fact, thanks to the groundhog’s shadow it’s really just getting started. With these thoughts in mind, it is imperative to own and adore the perfect winter coat that not only keeps you warm but also makes a statement.

This Fashionista’s coat defies the normative stereotype of a down puffer jacket. Side note, although I am an owner of a color-block puffer jacket, I am envious of this maxi coat. The material has a similar consistency to a piece of felt — soft, smooth and delicate. The best thing about maxi coats are the length and warmth they provide. Maxis cover the majority of one’s body. While maxis can overpower certain outfits, this dark brown shearling coat is meant to make a powerful statement. This coat is a sheer protector of the bitter cold with thick sleeves and a touch of fur.

There are so many different options when it comes to winter coats so each person can find their individual style within a larger category. Two of the most important factors when choosing a coat are warmth and comfort. Since coats are the main protector in the cold weather, you will be wearing them day in and day out. When searching for the perfect one, opt for one that allows you to move. Some other options are fuzzy mid-thigh cardigan coats or asymmetric mid-length zip coats.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make a statement in your clothing choices! Statement pieces do not just have to be accessories or brightly colored clothing, they can be as simple as a jacket, like mine. Wear it with confidence and stand out from the crowd!”