STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Business And Pleasure

March 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the end of my freshman year of college grows closer every day, I have been reflecting on my year and the experiences I have been through. College was full of many surprises, but one of the most shocking had to be the amount of times that I had to dress in professional attire. Sure, I am business student, so professional attire is essential, but the number of times I had to dress up for a club meeting or rush event completely dumbfounded me. In my previous post, I discussed various standards of professional dress like, business casual or business professional. After mulling over my article for the past week, I realized that although there are certain restrictions to meet, that does not mean you can’t add your own style and still meet these requirements.

Recently, I have been learning a lot about personal brands and the image you portray to various people, whether that be professors or recruiters. I kept having the recurring thought that although it is important to look professional, you should be able to dress in a way that represents your own brand. For me, fashion is an essential outlet in my life and my top career choice, and I would like to be able to display that during interviews or meetings through my choice of dress. As I was working through this stream of consciousness, I happened to bump into this Fashionista who was on her way to an interview. My eyes were immediately drawn to her outfit and I felt that it was a great representation of her bubbly, fun personality. She looked polished, while maintaining her personal style and selling a professional brand.

To get her look, try pairing a fun polka-dot top with a pencil skirt of appropriate length. For a more professional look, add a blazer or cardigan. To dress the look up even more, add a pair of heels. Be mindful to wear heels you can comfortably walk in and always bring a pair of flats just to be safe. Add a cute belt and you’re ready to go!

There’s nothing wrong with adding your own style, but be sure to know your occasion. You don’t want to be the person that sticks out for the wrong reasons. Other than that, own your style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Class! Don’t be afraid to try something new and daring, but always remember to stay classy.”