There is no denying that the weather is changing outside and becoming dreary and cold for most of us on campus. With the snow coming down, you bundle up and it becomes the season of layers on layers on layers. But, you don’t have to let the snow and cold hinder your ability to rock a cute pair of boots to class.

While also being practical in the winter elements, these L.L. Bean boots are on-trend whether you’re hiking it to class, or trucking over to your friend’s apartment. The idea of this type of boot has been adopted into many different styles like dressing them up by adding a little fur, maybe the taller the boot the better or just by making them more cute and cozy. Incorporating one of these into your everyday wardrobe is simple. Pair them with your go-to favorite pair of leggings like this Fashionista, or with a fun colored jean.

This Fashionista is showing that she’s on-trend for winter with her super cute snow boots, some cozy leggings, long black parka and accessorizing just right with her colorful scarf and on point headband. I feel that this trend is also so popular because you can dress it up or dress it down. This Fashionista is on the run to class so her boots are paired with a more casual look, but if she was going out with friends, pairing the boots with a dressier pant or a classy top can do the trick. This is the trend that keeps giving because these boots can be also be rocked in the spring or fall with a lighter jacket.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfiness is key! In winter I like to bundled up and be comfortable in what I’m wearing, but I also like dressing my outfits up with like a warm cardigan, or soft scarf.”