While the weather patterns in Florida can be unclear, that doesn’t mean your outfit for winter has to be. Living in Florida, you understand that a “cold front” means shopping for new clothes to keep you warm for the one day that the temperature drops below 70 degrees. It’s tough deciding whether or not it’s acceptable to wear boots or not when you’re use to having one season (summer) all year long.

People who come to Florida for winter break are often confused by our definition of “winter” as well. You either over pack to the point where your whole closet is in your suitcase, or end up bringing one unnecessary pair of jeans that you’re stuck wearing in 70 degree weather. Either way is an outfit crisis and inconvenient for your vacation.

This Fashionista demonstrates the perfect winter look for Florida weather. The casual dress and booties look is a classic outfit and perfect for cool weather. Sitting outside by the beach or going out to dinner with family, this look allows you to be comfortable for any occasion. This cardigan also adds to the winter look you’re going for and helps keep you warm without breaking out a winter jacket. Lastly, a cute cross-body bag completes the outfit and is great for holding your sunglasses for during the day.

The dress and boots combo have been in style this season in the “Sunshine State.” A light, long sleeve dress is great for when a cardigan might not always be necessary. However, an extra layer is good too for when it does get colder. Cardigan or no cardigan, you can never go wrong with this style. Booties are the final touch to your winter outfit, since you can’t wear heavy snow boots in Florida.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t forget to dress warmly, despite Florida’s unpredictable weather. A light dress, comfortable cardigan and a cute pair of boots will definitely make you look trendy and keep you warm this season.”