During the holiday season, some of the most classic colors can be forgotten due to the seasonal gem tones and sequined fabrics that parade stores at this time of year. I love a wide range of color just as much as the next Style Guru, but I believe that a neutral palette is transitional for any event and complements every Fashionista/o’s features.

This particular Fashionista is showing off the beauty of neutral colors in an outfit that is able to be worn day in and day out. In a long sleeved black henley shirt and tan pencil skirt, both from Forever 21, this Fashionista’s pieces create both a classic and mature outfit. One of the best traits about a neutral color scheme is that it is versatile for many events. Her no-nonsense trench coat and black booties help to keep her warm during this chilly climate, while adding a touch of modesty to the outfit. Keeping it classic and in-line with the palette, this Fashionista wears her gold Casio watch every day, carrying a sense of nostalgia with her. To play up her outfit and add an extra level of chic, this Fashionista also sported a chunky gold link bracelet to make her outfit standout along the rest of these holiday outfits.

Don’t get lost in the holiday haze, dig through your closet and find some of your favorite simplistic pieces. Many of the best garments in our closets are the basics—able to be paired and made into many different outfits. For your next outing, get back to basics of style and trust your neutrals.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you wear neutral colors, people often associate them with being boring or too plain. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple—you can add some of your favorite accessories to set you apart from the rest. Timeless pieces can be made new with the right additions and style.”