STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Boho in the Winter

The boho look happens to be one of my personal favorites. Not only is it chic enough for class, but if done correctly it also looks effortless. While some may think it is only for warm weather, this Fashionista proves otherwise. She features a flawless boho ensemble that fits just about any winter occasion. She pairs her dark booties with other like basics to still give her outfit that winter vibe.

Dressing boho is all about the details. Just like with any trend, one wants the correct amount of accessories and pop of color, but not too much. This Fashionista sports the perfect addition to her outfit for some added warmth for this chilly season. It all begins with the duster sweater! You may have seen a peak of these from the fall, but there is no reason to not keep them around for this season as well. They are free flowing, comfortable and stylish. Not to mention you can easily style them according to the season. What more could you ask for from a little statement piece?

The only downfall about these beauties is that not every Fashionista is tall enough to pull them off. Lucky enough for the petite trend lovers (myself included) is that they come in various lengths. One does not have to wear a duster sweater to the ground like she has done. Remember, fashion does not have to have limitations so don’t be afraid to alter trends to fit your own style and body type. Find a duster sweater to fit your body type and add some booties for some extra height and you will be closer to being boho-ready!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Confidence! We all know what it’s like to wear something you’re confident in. So do that as much as you can and your style will evolve on its own.”