This look is a combination of the bohemian trend and the urban style. The bohemian style reflects the natural artist and the unconventional, free-spirited way of life and is a great look for the transition from winter to spring. Layering loose, flowy sweaters and tops make this outfit comfortable for any temperature. Boho lace and ruffles are key to adding visual interest to this look, which can be done with tank tops or headbands. Silver jewelry and neutral shimmery eye shadow add shine. Adding elements of city style changes the tone by downplaying the traditional bohemian. The more structured look of the city can be achieved by carrying a chic, angled purse and wearing a bold lip color.

Here, the style is portrayed in mostly warm neutral tones for the winter season. She takes advantage of the drape of the warm-toned knit sweater and top. She layered these with a black lacy bralette from Urban Outfitters. Boyfriend jeans or other loose-fitting jeans work best to pull this outfit together. Here, she chose a denim wash to give her outfit more of a city look. Her suede-heeled booties do a perfect job of combining the bohemian and city look. She wore a combination of various rings, earrings and a necklace to give a layered look with her jewelry, as well. Although she wears more rings and earrings than is typical, they work well together and coordinate due to the fact that they are all silver, with a few having an accent color. She gets most of her jewelry from boutiques and street fairs, but one of her favorite accessories (besides her amazing Kate Spade bag) is her Alex and Ani charm bracelet like this silver lotus bangle.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice of the week is to wear color combinations based on your mood and ambitions for the day. And, of course, wear plenty of bling.”