Today, little pops of the ’90s keep appearing everywhere, like high-rise stone-washed jeans. Although I am not a fan of “mom jeans” myself, I do love the grunge style of the ‘90s. Another style I am digging right now is a mix of hippie, urban and gypsy style.  Luckily for me, I was able to stumble upon a Fashionista who perfectly blended the look of a ‘90s urban gypsy.

One thing that immediately stands out with this Fashionista’s outfit is all of the black, and she rocks it!  Her wool hat looks perfect on top of her long blonde curls. That leather jacket is wonderful for this unpredictable weather that doesn’t know if it’s supposed to be a springy 50 degrees or a wintery 30 degrees. And who knew ripped jeans could look so great with some ankle booties on your feet? However, what makes this outfit work is the touches of non-black elements to balance it all out.

A fantastic way that she breaks up all the black is with her makeup. She does not cake her face with heavy foundation and dark eye shadow, but keeps her makeup classic with a little bit of eye-liner and nude lips. Another key element in her outfit is her hip white shirt. The basic white shirt keeps it classy and simple. Pink little flowery details in the graphic of her shirt add a little bit of girly-girl to break up all the grunge. One more easy way to separate all the black is by showing a little skin.  This does not mean wearing a low-cut shirt or Daisy Duke shorts.  Keep it classy by simply wearing jeans that have a couple rips in them and roll them up to show off a little ankle above your shoes.

By now, I hope I have shown you that it is possible to wear black shoes with black jeans, a black jacket and a black hat without looking like you turned goth or you’re going to a funeral.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Don’t be afraid to wear black.  I love finding subtle ways to keep it nice and balanced out.”