When I was little, I associated leather jackets with those tough biker gangs that would speed down the highway accompanied by a cacophony of noise. Even as I grew up, I never thought that leather jackets would become such a popular trend. They were always an icon for grit and seemed so inaccessible for a girl who grew up in a small town. If we’re being honest, it wasn’t until I watched Jessica Jones on Netflix that I decided to go out and buy my own. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with finding the perfect leather jacket.

I ran into this Fashionista on her way to class and knew I had to stop her. Despite the blustery weather, she decided to throw on a leather jacket to complete her look. As if her outfit wasn’t so on-trend already, she was also wearing a gray turtleneck with a pair of tuxedo pants that have these amazing zippers on the side. The zippers added to her biker-chic look. She finished the outfit with tall, black riding boots that proved that she’s ready for anything.

Biker chicks need accessories too! The Fashionista told me that all of the rings she wears are one-of-a-kind gifts from her family, but you can find similar ones here. Adding different rings to this look perfected the whole tough-babe vibe she had going on. She was also wearing another one-of-a-kind piece from a small company called Beats by Cle. This necklace may look familiar and that’s because I wrote about my own in my STYLE GURU BIO! Lastly, she was wearing a simple black beanie to keep this biker-chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A leather jacket always bumps up an ordinary outfit!”