A large belt has become a staple wardrobe accessory for any girl. If I had to select an accessory that distinguishes this modern decade from the others, it would be a thick belt. It can be used to cinch dresses, sweaters, tops and even coats! Belts are the one type of accessory that aren’t limited by season or occasion since they can be worn formally, casually, to work or even festivals! I found this stylish lady traversing the campus on one of the warmer days, and her belt simply stood out! I had to ask her about her style tips.

This style savvy Fashionista grabbed a beautiful belt, decorated with gold detailing. It definitely matches with the vintage dress that takes cues from Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead.) The red is the right shade. It is not too bold that you’re forced to tone it down, and it’s not too dull that it simply blends in the background. The gold and red buckle adds a bit of regality to an otherwise quirky and spunky outfit. This belt is so versatile. Even if she just wore an LBD or a dark colored sweater, the belt would still enhance her top with sophistication. This is certainly a statement piece!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Prints! Look out for anything with large quantities of a silly picture. Then pair it down with a plain sweater or neutral tights. The print will stand out so much and be a conversation starter with anyone!”