STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bandanas Aren’t Only for Cowgirls

Almost everyone has one stashed away in their old box of costumes, or maybe you went to a western themed party back in the day. Whatever the reason, bandanas have made their way from the Wild West to one of the top fashion trends to date. Yup, that’s right, if you sported a bandana as a child, you might have been trendy before it became a thing.

This trend has proven to be unstoppable because it is so versatile. David Bowie wore one in the ’80s, Tupac rocked it in the ‘90s and Kiernan Shipka sported a silk Coach bandana scarf just last summer. Different colored bandanas add for a pop of color and new patterns keep the trend alive! Wrap it around your wrist for an edgier look, or dress up the classic white T and jeans look with a bandana tied on your purse. Either way this look is one to stay for some time!

So you have an idea but don’t know if it will work? Check out this Fashionista’s bandana necklace for just one of the many ways to make it pop! She paired her bandana with a simple white button-down and gray suede jacket to accentuate her neckline. Combined with a black high waisted skirt, hat and high heel boots—she makes the Wild Wild West look chic!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Have fun with your bandanas! Don’t be afraid to use your old bandana as a necklace, scarf, in your hair, or even on your purse. It’s a fun way to add some color and personality!”